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Going Green

Becoming part of the “Green Movement” doesn’t require returning to the days before such modern conveniences as hot running water, electricity or other parts of our lives that we now take for granted. Along with recycling and reusing products, reducing our use – and waste – of water, electricity and natural gas makes good common sense regardless of where you live.

If your home was constructed after 1994, it was probably built to the standards of the National Energy Policy Act. But even if not, making the transition to a “green plumbing system” is simple, and Brosnan Plumbing will be happy to help you get there.
Eliminating leaks and dripping faucets and fixtures. Even a small leak of just a drip per second can cost you $1 per month. Just one leaky toilet wastes tens of thousands of gallons of water annually, more than enough to fill a backyard swimming pool.
Installing tankless or solar water heaters to reduce water and energy consumption by 33 to 51%.
Replacing showerheads with water- and fuel-efficient models can reduce your waste by as much as 60% over those installed before 1994.
Using biodegradable cleaners to keep your drains free of build-up help keep pipes open and are safer for the environment.
Insulating your water heater if it feels hot to the touch can reduce heat loss by as much as 45%. Insulating hot water pips will raise water temperature by up to 4% and reduce time needed to heat it.
Installing a drip system in your garden or outdoor planters. The typical home uses about 30% of its water outdoors, and experts say half of that goes to waste due to run-off and evaporation. A drip system can cut consumption between 20 and 50%, saving the homeowner an estimated $1,150 over the life of the system.
Purchasing energy-efficient home appliances and toilets. You’ll not only be saving natural resources, you can often take advantage of government-sponsored rebates. Bronson Plumbing will be happy to help you find current rebates you may qualify for, along with how to apply for rebates.




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